Stop Losing Weight and Start Gaining a Life – Part 3

Rather than send a long post on Thursday this week, I am breaking my weekly post into smaller dailies. A few minutes of inspiration.

I am not a doctor or fitness trainer. I am only discussing what worked for me. What works for me may not work for you. However, if you are trying to become healthier and gain more life, you have to start somewhere and learning from someone else is a good place to start.


I try to sweat every day doing things I mostly enjoy. Exercise can make a big difference but if we dread it, that will make it seem like a chore. It needs to make us sweat but not be so hard we feel like we are dying. In fact at first, exercise should feel easy (at least at first).

Your reserves of focus and self control are limited.

At first, don’t make exercise so hard that you want to give up

I have a routine developed where I exercise most days first thing in the morning. For me it works to get up, get my workout in when I am fresh and then I have the rest of the day ahead of me. Sometimes my routine feels stale so I keep the daily practice of exercise but I make adjustments to keep things fresh: change the intensity, the length, where I work out, who I work out with, the kind of exercises or the exercise order.

Your reserves of focus and self control are limited.

Once you are more comfortable, slowly increase the intensity. Trust that your body will adapt.

Exercise should break a sweat and that can be fun, but intensity burns more calories and that can be more of a challenge. What works for me is to mix it up: fun days, intense days, light days and hard days where I lift heavy.

  • What is fun for you that also involves moving?
  • Non traditional exercises include walking, gardening, housework, dancing, or trampoline-ing with your kids.
  • More formal exercise is things like video programs that you purchase and play on your TV, weightlifting with light weights (less intense but not as hard), lifting heavy weights, kettlebells (my favorite), outside exercise.
  • One of my favorites is to run to a ravine near my house, do a few stairs, walk the trail and do some lunges, skip for a bit, run sideways, then do more stairs and run again. People don’t care if they see me doing this and in fact it will probably teach them something about different ways to move.


Keep it real.Image


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