Exciting Announcement about Sensodyne + Personality

From the makers of Sensodyne toothpaste comes the revolutionary toothpaste Sensodyne + Personality!

Sensodyne + Personality
Sensodyne + Personality

Sensodyne + Personality is the ideal toothpaste developed to treat sensitive personalities.

Who doesn’t ‘have a friend’ who is a little too sensitive to criticism or the occasional public mocking? What about your family member who cries at every function or drinks too much alcohol at Christmas? Do you occasionally wish you could develop a thicker skin and you have wasted hours on glues and lacquers only to face uncomfortable emergency room questions?

Sensodyne + Personality is clinically proven to build relief and daily protection for sensitive personalities.

  • Occasional sensitive twinges could mean specific areas of your personality are vulnerable.
  • Now it’s possible to repair those sensitive areas with this toothpaste!
  • Toothpaste that actually helps to repair sensitive teeth and a sensitive personality at the same time!
  • Try Sensodyne + Personality

Sensodyne + Personality is the #1 Recommended Toothpaste for Sensitive Personalities. Endorsed by your Dentist, your Hygienist, your Psychologist, Your Spouse, Your Garbage Man, Your Boss, Your Mail Delivery Person, Your Cat, and most of Your Ex Best Friends.

Directions: Always follow the label and listen to your mother. For adults and children over 12 years of age: Brush whenever you feel the sensitive bite due to a personal over-reaction. Including, but not limited to, reactions from something someone has said, inferred, planned to say but didn’t, how they looked or dressed, whether they looked at you or momentarily looked away from you, or whether they seemed distracted while in your presence or any other circumstance that you interpret as being directed at you. Must be used daily to build and maintain protection for sensitive personalities.

Professionals recommend that along with Sensodyne + Personality, please sign up for this blog by clicking the Follow button or sign up through Facebook. Do not share your toothbrush, but please share this post.

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