Mental Health: The Silent Wait of Depression

I remember hiking in Banff, Alberta and I was engrossed in the stunning beauty of the area. I came across a large high ridge meadow with a sign that described how glacial ice had caused the ‘depression’ that created the lake and the meadow. The sign described how  rock had been shaved away, exposing the deeper cavities which created space for the lake and grassy areas that I was marvelling at. It was a graphic description of depression.

I am working on a piece about mental health and leadership. I share a related article that I found yesterday. Have a quick read and consider your own mental health and the mental health of those you love. Don’t be silent.

Mental health is not a diagnosis. We each have physical health, emotional health, spiritual health and relationship health. These areas interplay with each other and we may experience changes in our moods, thinking and other experiences. We can be successful, accomplished and outwardly satisfied. It is more common than we think.

Orlando da Sliva, the new head of the Ontario Bar Association opens up about his experience with depression. (Click on photo for link)
Orlando da Silva

I wrote about my experience with depression in an article that I titled Mental Health and my WMD: The Weapons of My Depression.

Please take a moment to comment. How has your mental health been impacted by stress, by your occupation or by how you think about the pressures that you face.

I would appreciate you sharing any lessons with me. It will help me in my own journey and it will help as I put together my article.

Keep it Real.


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