RIP Mr. Micro Wave 1990-2015


Micro Wave 1990 - 2015
Micro Wave
1990 – 2015

We are sad to announce that our friendship with Mr. Micro Wave ended quietly, Friday May 1, 2015.

Micro Wave abruptly died Friday morning as the family prepared for the day. Mr. Wave  faithfully served our family for almost two decades. He warmed coffee and tea, steak and shrimp, but his love was warm Pancakes.

His day job warmed our food, but his passion warmed our hearts.

His last few weeks were difficult. He faced an incident with burning foil that left some scars and then more recently dealt with an episode ironically caused by a burning pancake. The Pancake Predicament was chronicled a few weeks ago in the article, Blame it on the Microwave Fairy. These incidents may have contributed to his suffering, but they highlight his accessibility and kindness. Not once did he complain.

Mr. Micro Wave had more life in him but no more energy. Short, quick, small and neat, without him our lives would not be complete.

Pan O. Sonic
Pan O. Sonic

Micro Wave was predeceased by his father, General Electric but is survived by Mother Nature. He has one brother, Mr. Sonic who quickly kicked Mr. Wave to the curb.

Bye, bye Mr. Wave. One final wave, farewell.

Love the Swaby’s.

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