Procrastination = Pro Crasty Nation

Drop the dead weights and pick up the Dictionary. It’s time for a Booty Camp for the Brain.

Are you a Pro at Crastination? I am. In fact, right now, I am Crastinating.

I looked up the definition of Crastination and the definition is undefined. Word that. When you Crastinate, you are doing undefined work, aka: Freework. In my book, freework is what our brains are born to do. (See my earlier Uber post on a Wandering Mind).

Crastination feels like it should be a word. So I decided to create my own definition, which I have sent to the Urban If you know anyone who works there, let them know I sent them an email… I appreciate it!


Undefined use of time, Free time, Vague outcomes, Doodling, Occupying yourself with tasks unrelated to your purpose, Generally wasting time and other fun pursuits. Crastination is the work that is done to avoid the work that is supposed to be done. AKA, Saturday mornings.

Crastination is the root word for the more widely used, Procrastination. One practices crastination long enough to become a Pro at it, hence Pro-Crastination. See also Crastination, Procrastination, Crastinate, Work, Saturday Mornings.

Historical Use: Crastination historically refers to the experience of being off track much more than one is on track. With the invention of rubber tires, we realized that tracks don’t really matter anymore so being off track was no longer a culturally shunned experience. Hence, Pro-Crastination (or more commonly Procrastination) was born.

Crastination is differentiated from Crasty-Nation, an Old English phrase that refers to a nation of old farts, or the unfortunate wrinkly parts of the world and/or personal anatomy (elbows, buttocks, kneecaps and other nether regions). Being good at Pro-Crasty-Nation is never a complement.

2013-10-04 12.00.30Learning new words makes your brain sweat. Your brain uses 40% of your calories, so if you learn new words you are burning more calories. Drop the dead weights and pick up the Dictionary. It’s time for a Booty Camp for the Brain.

My wife tells me I need to grow up, so all this brain work must be having an effect! Don’t grow up, keep your brain young and Crastinate!

I will keep you posted if Urban likes my word. Remember, you heard it first at

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Keep it real


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