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Understanding your story can change your story

For me, mental health and recovery is personal.

Depression and anxiety have been shadow companions for much of my life. Growing up, my father was an alcoholic and lived with his own mental illnesses. For too long I was angry at him. For too long, I took life too seriously. And for too long I was invested in others health but not my own.

Recovery is like a dance. Dancing does not come naturally to me and just like recovery, I have to work at it every day. I only know a few dance moves, so most of the time I end up dancing on other people’s toes. Recovery is about growing in my relationships and I am still trying to figure my relationships out.

This blog began as a way to heal and to find a lighter side to recovery. My writing has evolved and now I write to support you, your recovery and your healing. I write about mental health and addiction, healing, leadership, parenting, relationships and humor. Everything that I write supports a healthy, recovery oriented mindset.

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I have worked in the substance abuse recovery field as a counselling therapist for over 25 years. A little more about me:

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